Mission Partners

“My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4.19)

For more than ten years, the church family at Philippi supported the apostle Paul, in his ministry, sending gifts, and practical help, as well as praying for him as he travelled and planted churches in the service of the gospel.  The warmth of the relationship between him and them shines through every sentence of his letter, thanking them for their most recent kindness towards him.

None of our mission partners is in prison at the moment, and we have not yet sent any members of the church family half way across the world to care for them, but we have been partners in the gospel with some of these dear friends for more than ten years.

The joys and sorrows of the church across the world feature regularly in our Sunday morning intercessions, as well as in our prayer evenings.  We focus on one of our Mission links or some other aspect of the world wide church at most Sunday evening meetings. We run a series of three special Mission Sundays each year at which there is a collection.

Please continue to think about ways that we can encourage one another to become more aware of what God is doing across the world, among his people. We need to keep before us the suffering of Christians around the world, and the Barnabas Fund is an excellent agency that exists to draw attention to what is happening to Christians in Muslim dominated countries around the world.

We have long term links with ...

Two friends who live and serve in Myanmar.

Two friends, and their son, who will soon live and serve in Oceania.

David and Ruth Lowry who live and serve in Senegal.

We support a number of practical ministries ...

Kisiizi Hospital is a Christian hospital in SW Uganda. Mums and Tots have supported them for many years, and a succession of medical students have chosen Kisiizi for their elective.

From time to time we are able to provide bursaries towards the cost of short term mission trips, for those thinking of longer term service, or for others who are seeking to learn more about the people of God in another part of the world.

In this country we support ...

The Christian Institute, which exists to proclaim and defend Christian truth in the public square. A significant number of individuals also support this ministry directly.

New Tribes Mission, based in Lincolnshire, train and deploy mission partners to live among previously unreached people groups across the world.

UCCF: JP Wright, who previously served here as an apprentice for two years, now serves as a UCCF regional staff worker, we pray regularly for JP and provide some financial support.

Caring for Life: Several members of the Church Family have been committed to Caring for Life for many years, and we are glad to support this excellent ministry, caring for people who need lifetime support, based near the Leeds-Bradford Airport.

Hull Youth for Christ is supported by church family members, through the breakfast clubs, the sewing club, and in other ways.

Christian Summer Camps: We are able to help some young people, who are under pressure financially, to attend Christian camps and holiday parties. Young people from St Andrew's attend GLOD and FOREMARKE camps.

We have provided support for Christian young people from the church family, who are serving Christ during a gap year.

Proclamation Trust:  We support pastors and preachers in this country and across the world by sending Ash to the Proclamation Trust Senior Ministers Conference early in May each year.

The ministry of the Kingham Hill Trust, through Oak Hill Theological College and Kingham Hill School.