A warm welcome

For some years now, we have gladly welcomed into the St Andrew’s Church Family a new couple, or individual, or family, every month. We pray each month, asking God to go on bringing new people to us, as he has kindly done for several years. We have welcomed many new people to St Andrew's over the past year, so you won’t be the only one who feels new and we are a very friendly congregation.

We'd like to be married at St Andrew's: We enjoy arranging weddings, and we'll do our best to help you. Email  or telephone 654713 to discuss how to make the various arrangements.

We'd like our children to attend Sunday groups or to find a youth group: Visit our Children & Young People pages, or email  or telephone 654713 to find out more.

We'd like join St Andrew's: Once you begin to feel at home on a Sunday morning, you may decide you would like to take things further. For some people that means looking for Christian answers to some of their questions, for others it feels natural to join some kind of small group, to make friends, and to grow in faith and understanding. We will do our best to help you identify the next step that suits you best. Just ask at the door on a Sunday. We invite everyone who is new to St Andrew’s to spend the first six months ‘on the back benches’. Enjoy getting to know us, begin to feel at home, and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to DO anything!

Making friends: A few times a year we arrange welcome suppers, where we can explain ourselves more fully, and provide an opportunity for you to meet other people in a similar position, who are also new to the church family.  Look out for details in Pew News. Some people are keen to join a small group within a few weeks of arriving at St Andrew’s as a way of making friends and feeling at home. Visit our Midweek Activities pages to find out more.

Finding a role: At some stage, after six months or so, we aim to sit with everyone who is new to the church family, and to listen to your story, to hear from you how the Lord Jesus has equipped and taught you, and shown his kindness to you over the years, how he has used you in the past, as well as learning something of your current priorities and circumstances. We’ll do this either at a workshop event, or informally at home, in order to identify with you how you can best serve the Lord Jesus in the church family or in the wider community.