Friends of St Andrew's

The St Andrew's church tower is visible from all corners of the local landscape, and the church building has been a central feature of Kirk Ella for longer than anyone can remember, in fact the St Andrew's church building has been at the heart of Kirk Ella for a thousand years

St Andrew's church family exists to renew the heart of today's Kirk Ella, strengthening the family, caring for the elderly, encouraging the lonely, raising our gaze from time to eternity, and sharing God's kindness with everybody.

For the last century and a half, the villagers of Kirk Ella have worshipped together in a church building that was reshaped, restored and renewed through the foresight and the vision of one man! The overall shape of the St Andrew's church building today is essentially unchanged since the restorations of 1860. For more than a century Kirk Ella has enjoyed a generous legacy from Joseph Sykes.

Why do we need a Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella?

For the last half century, the church building has been in need of almost constant attention, and over the last twenty years the regular Sunday congregations, with some help from others, have renewed the lighting system, repainted the interior of the building, refurbished the choir vestry, rebuilt the organ, repaired broken windows and added window guards, replaced the PA system, installed CCTV, replaced the heating system and reordered the interior, installed a humidifier in the organ, as well as renewing the East Window, which was last necessary in 1880. Total costs: over £200,000.

It is now clear that the St Andrew's church building costs between £10,000 and £15,000 a year to maintain, before we switch on a light bulb or turn on a radiator. For example, the organ builders have explained that we need to put away £1,000 a year for twenty years, in order to make certain that the organ is kept in good condition over the longer term. The result is that we need to put away about £40 every time we play the organ, which is twice every Sunday, as well as at weddings and funerals, and not to do so is to mortgage our future by the same amount.

We think it is no longer reasonable for the regular Sunday congregations to carry the whole burden of the cost of the building, when the church building plays an important part in the lives of many more villagers than are ever present on any one Sunday.

We are not seeking an individual 'Joseph Sykes' to take full responsibility for securing the future of the church building for the twenty first century, but rather a suitable number of families or individuals with energy, vision and resources.

For the last century and a half we have all enjoyed the results of the generosity of one man. We are looking for a number of today's villagers to invest together in tomorrow's Kirk Ella.

Many of us want the church building to remain standing for whenever we ourselves may need to make use of it.

Many more are keen simply to see that the church building remains as an attractive central feature of the heart of the village.

How will the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella spend any money raised?

St Andrew's Church building, like all churches, is subject to a five year inspection regime by an architect approved by the diocese.

The architect produces a Quinquennial Inspection Report, listing essential and desirable repairs over the next five year period, as well as identifying areas of the building that must be kept under close scrutiny. Five years later the process repeats itself.

In the first instance, we are proposing that any money raised by the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella will be spent in order to carry out the repairs listed in the Quinquennial Inspection Report.

Beyond that, St Andrew's PCC has put together a rolling ten year plan, with help from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Company, to anticipate the likely costs of the longer term care of the various assets within the building, such as the organ, the bells, the roof and the stained glass windows.

Any additional money raised by the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella will be earmarked towards the long term care of particular assets within the building, so we can be confident that when the time comes to replace the roof, or repair another window, we know that we can afford it.

Beyond that, we would like to gradually enhance the churchyard, and to make it an increasingly attractive green space at the heart of the village, for birds and wild flowers as well as for people. We envisage a series of small investments over the years, to develop the biodiversity of the churchyard, working together with the local authority.

How will the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella function?

There will be an Annual Reception for the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella, at which the accounts will be available, and at which we will report back on our progress over the previous year, while at the same time identifying the priorities for the next year.

We have formed a registered charity called “The Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella”, and the trustees of “The Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella” are: Graham Brookes, Chris Franklin and Penny Laucht.

How do I join the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella?

By filling out the Standing Order form for £50 a year, and returning it to: 

Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella, St Andrew's Church Office, The Memorial Hall, Beverley Road HU10 7QA.

You will receive a letter of acknowledgement, a copy of the constitution of the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella, and an invitation to the next Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella Reception.

imageFriends of St Andrew Gift Aid Standing Order 2015.pdf

Is there anything practical that I can do to help the Friends of St Andrew's Kirk Ella?

Yes! If you have a particular skill you would like to offer, please let us know. If you have no particular skill, but lots of time and energy and plenty of enthusiasm, again please let us know.

Every Grade 1 listed building always generates plenty of small scale or larger practical projects waiting for the right person to appear in order to take them on. There are regular and cheerful cleaning teams working inside the church building, and occasional churchyard clear up sessions outside.

Please let us know if you would like to be involved in any way.

Thank you for helping us to make certain that St Andrew's Church building will be in good condition for the people of Kirk Ella for the next century, just as Joseph Sykes has so generously provided for the people of Kirk Ella ever since 1860.

Rev Ash Carter,        July 2021