The Bible Project

Spring Term

“The Bible is a unified narrative that leads to Jesus and has profound wisdom for the modern world” but how well do we know God’s story? Over the next few months we will be getting to grips with what God has spoken and understanding the big picture of the Bible.

At each session we will watch a couple of videos which will give us an overview of a book in the Bible or a big theme. Then we’ll have a time to think it over in a small group discussion and ask any questions we may have.

Do join us for as many sessions as you would like.


Tuesday 10th January — Exodus overview

Tuesday 24th January — Leviticus overview & ‘Sacrifice and Atonement’

Tuesday 14th February — Numbers overview & ‘Law’

Tuesday 28th February — Deuteronomy overview & ‘Covenant’

Tuesday 14th March — Joshua & Judges overview

Tuesday 28th march — Ruth overview & ‘The Messiah’

Time: 1.45-2pm - Tea, coffee and biscuits; 2-3pm - video, talk and discussion

Venue: St Andrew's church building

For more information: contact the church office on 654713

For more information about The Bible Project, please visit: