Sunday Services

8am Holy Communion

We share bread and wine in memory of the death of Jesus, using the traditional words from the Book of Common Prayer. Please join us any time after 730am and sit wherever you choose. We'll help you find your way around the prayer book, and there is no singing at this service.

9.15am & 11am Morning Services 

We have two identical services at 9.15am and 11am on Sunday mornings (except on Sundays during the summer and at one or two other moments in the year when we have one service at 10 am. Check the Calender here to confirm what is happening this Sunday.)

Every Sunday there is a crèche available, in the room at the top of the stairs at the back of the church building, where you can either take or leave your child.The sound of the service is played through into the crèche, and there is a video link.

'Sunday Groups' for children aged 3-11 years old and 'Ignite' for 11-15 year olds meet in the Wheatsheaf Pub a few minutes after the start of the service. Find out more about these groups here.

Refreshments are served at 10.20-10.50am, between the two morning services, which provide a great opportunity to meet new people and share news.

There are no resserved seats at any of our services, you can always sit wherever you choose. Some people like to dress up a little for Sundays, other people prefer to relax in casual clothes, and both are good. Dress in whatever you would wear at an informal family gathering.
Our Sunday morning sermons are recorded each week and then uploaded to the website.

6pm Evening Meeting

Do join us for an informal mix of music and song, prayer and praise, sometimes an interview, a short talk from the Bible, an opportunity to think and learn together, a snapshot from the worldwide church, together with a growing devotion to Jesus Christ. A good setting for discovering faith, as well as for deepening a long-standing faith.

We begin at 5.45pm with cake and something to drink. We end around 7pm.

After the Evening Meeting, Rooted (for those aged 15-21 years old) meets at a home nearby. More details here