Real Lives

Moving, powerful and inspiring stories - three days of special events.

Real Lives. Real Stories. In early June, we enjoyed three evenings with Yorkshireman and worldwide Christian Speaker, Roger Carswell, featuring stories of tragedy, hope and triumph. Each evening, Roger interviewed our guests and gave us God's perspective on life.

Bruce Pearson

As a homeless alcoholic, Bruce Pearson's life was quickly spiralling out of control and there seemed only one likely outcome. During his darkest moment, God rescued him through an unlikely encounter with a monk in the middle of Bradford! Bruce's story is a fascinating account of God's love for the broken and the desperate. 


John Gaughan

John started his career in the early seventies as a singer and songwriter, working with many famous names, including The Seekers, The Hollies, The Drifters and The Fortunes. He, himself, found fame a few years later as a member of Herman's Hermits. On the face of it, he seemed a very successful young man, but behind the scenes John was battling alcoholism and his addiction was beginning to significantly interfere with his successful music career. Eventually, John attempted suicide but miraculously God intervened to save his life.

Magic Brian

Magic Brian's mind-bending trickery always a draws a crowd! Through a series of magic shows and workshops, Magic Brian astounded us with his ability to trick us with his amazing magic. A gospel magician and escapologist, he also explained why God is no illusion. Brian is a member of the Edinburgh Magic Circle and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians UK.

Roger Carswell

Born and raised in Leeds, Roger has lived in Horsforth for the past 23 years. Roger found faith at the age of 15 in the Lebanon, when an uncle - after a game of tennis - clearly explained the Christian message to him. Following university, he taught for several years before becoming a full-time evangelist. Travelling throughout the UK, Roger speaks at universities and churches.

Tamar Pollard

In 1997, Michael and Jo Pollard were brutally attacked whilst on an humanitarian trip to Eastern Europe. Michael was killed and Jo was left with severe injuries. Their daughter, Tamar, told us how she dealt with the tragedy and how her own experience of God's forgiveness has allowed her to extend forgiveness to those responsible.