Meet the PCC

The St Andrew's Parochial Church Council is made up of the rector, church wardens, treasurer and elected members. It meets seven times a year and is responsible for looking after the finances and ensuring that the church is run effectively. PCC members are representatives of the congregation, and as such we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback. Pick a friendly face from below and feel free to approach us on a Sunday. 

A copy of the latest PCC minutes is always on the noticeboard in the church porch. They are also available on the website to electoral roll members who are logged into the site. Please click here.

If you would like to contact the PCC please email the .

Ash Carter : Chair

Nick Dean: Churchwarden & Deputy Chair

Michael Moore: Churchwarden

Janet Elwick: Deputy Churchwarden

Richard Foster: Lay Reader

Simon Warwick: Treasurer

Peter Wildsmith: Safeguarding Lead and Officer

Andrew Blackburn: Deanery Synod Rep

Brenda Chicken: Deanery Synod Rep

Cherry Dodgson

Penny Laucht

Kath McCann

Rebecca Platt

Suzanne Roberts

Matt Smith