Impact (11-18s)

Impact is our Youth Group for 11-18s. We meet in the St Andrew’s Memorial Hall from 7:15-9pm on Friday evenings during term time.

What happens?
It’s a great place to meet new people and catch up with friends. We play games, eat, and have fun, and at the centre of our time together we explore what Christians believe and what life looks like when we follow Jesus. We are made up of young people from St Luke's and St Andrew's as well as friends from school too. Everyone is welcome - especially if you're new! Once a year, we go on a weekend away to Wydale (near Scarborough) - we're looking forward to our next time away in March.

What's the plan for this term (Summer 2019)?

You may or may not know that the Bible contains a songbook (Psalms), and this term we're looking at Psalms: Greatest Hits

There's a psalm for almost every situation and kind of emotion, and they can help us navigate the ups and downs of life today, just as they have done for God's people throughout millennia. We'll look through some of the most often-quoted and enduring psalms, and seeing how these ancient songs still resonate today. 

Term Dates:
May: 3, 10, 17, 24
June: 7, 14, 21, 28
July: 5, 12