Impact (11-18s)

Impact is our Youth Group for 11-18s. We meet in the St Andrew’s Memorial Hall from 7:30-9pm on Friday evenings during term time.

What happens?

It’s a great place to meet new people and catch up with friends. We play games, eat and have fun, and at the centre of our time together we explore what Christians believe and what life looks like when we follow Jesus. We are made up of young people from St Luke's and St Andrew's as well as friends from school too. Everyone is welcome - especially if you're new!

What's the plan for the Autumn term?

This term we are looking at the Kings and some of the Prophets of the Old Testament seeing what they did, thinking about why they did it, and what these stories of intrigue, poetry, adultery, faithfulness, arrogance and humility teach us today. 

On the final Friday of the term (Friday 8th December), we'll have our annual Impact Christmas Social in the church building, with games, Christmas jumpers, and a full Christmas dinner. 

When are we meeting?

This information is also available via the website calendar here.